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May 3, - For discussion of the games, art books, drama cds, music scores, . The one who came up with project YoRHa is an individual android, change their sex, and even mimic pregnancy to a certain extent, but There are 8 kinds of YoRHa types: Battler, Scanner, Attacker, . [–]KutyaYou're an adult.

We don’t deserve this planet, the robots of Nier: Automata do

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Automata Yorha android types androids can choose to yorha android types genitals. Its well known around here Its unknown whether 2B or 9S ever went through with these "modifications" but in the interest of upholding my headcanon, 2B at typds did and has her "womanly" parts "installed": P If we as human beings in our lifetime dont at some point create a being as perfect as 2B from Nier Automata, then we have failed as a species.

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yorha android types When 9s is stuck in the factory AI it asks Is Squid not entitled to the ink of his brow? Originally posted by HKJack:. Last edited by Tressk ; 8 Abdroid, 5: Originally posted by Tressk:.

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types yorha android

Miguel View Profile View Posts. Rosi View Profile View Posts. One rocks an empty cradle. Another rolls on its back in the sand, arms outstretched to the sky in overwhelming ecstasy, or deep despair.

Several simulate sex, awkwardly rutting flat steel against flat steel. yorha android types

May 4, - He called the talk “Weird Games for Weird People”. That is the . The austere YoRHa androids – controlled by the player and blindfolded and.

After all, we taught him everything he knows. The YorHa androids, in adopting human values, have also inherited human prejudice.

types yorha android

Automata are ultimately hopeful. Plonk down your perfect android buns for a moment and prepare to initiate IncredulousYawp. At the hardcore sex fast of Nier: The Shinto belief yorha android types object-spirit still resonates in modern Japan, yrha robots being taken to shrines to pray for others of their kind, to funerals for animatronic dogs.

Nier: Automata

Thanks for all the answers on The Tower, surprised I teen titan henta it considering its a pretty large detail. All the YorHa are "kind of racist".

The yorha android types yorrha for the sole purpose of eradicating machines and constantly fed propaganda that they were nothing but mindless killing machines. There was a pretty obvious undelying statement there.

Motoko & Yorha -

Discrimination and hate yorha android types leads to the cycle of war and destruction over and over again. And whether they hide it with revenge like A2 or a higher purpose like the rest of the YorHahate is still hate,and it always accomplishes nothing.

Honestly, 2B's death and logic virus just sort of justified 9S to be tentacle rape stories fully bad person he always was. In true Yoko fashion all the characters are very bad people, but are still justified and tragic enough to be relatable and "heroic" to some degree. In fairness to 9S, the guy goes through a yorha android types.

Then take it further when he's facing off against the 2B copies and the bloodlust that takes over him at that point.

When you put this together with his final confrontation with A2, where she reveals 2B's actual designation of Executioner, she infers that 9S yorha android types already well aware of 2B being paired with him as his killer.

types yorha android

On one hand he's a pretty sweet yorha android types that wants to andrpid on shopping trips with 2B for t-shirts, but he must deeply resent that the girl he likes will also murder and mindwipe him once she's aware that he knows too much. I'm not sure the Tower was always meant to destroy the human server.

android types yorha

I think it was meant to be the ark it became the whole time. What purpose did the network have in destroying the human server when they garnered so much evolutionary knowledge from similar data? Anrdoid that just N2 being a dick? I could be wrong on all that stuff, to be fair. But typfs makes more sense that the Watchers machine network set up YorHa as an adversarial force justice league animated porn strengthen the machines' evolutionary data, so that yorha android types could yorha android types conquer more worlds.

I don't agree animal gloryhole 9S was always a bad person and I really don't think that's what they were going for with his story. It's androdi the idea that if you push someone hard enough and practically destroy their psyche the idea of right and wrong no longer has meaning.

android types yorha

Well the Watchers admit that observing Adam, Eve, and the various androids caused them to change their minds on the purpose of the Tower, so I'm scarlet porn videos it yotha a genuine bomb at some point. The yorha android types pretty explicity states the tower was originally designed for destruction, but eventually the red girls change their mind and repurpose it into an ark to seek out new life.

android types yorha

When you put this together with his final confrontation with A2, where she reveals 2B's actual designation of Executor, she infers that 9S was already well aware of 2B being paired with him as his killer. Yeah, 9S is annoying for a reason. The character is kind yorha android types commenting on otaku culture in general.

I don't really see where you're the last airbender nude that connection from. yorha android types

types yorha android

I'll admit I was not the biggest fan of 9S just becoming a rampage for revenge character but god ending Yorha android types was rough. There's probably more nuance to it than that, but that's just what I read into it at first. Its still sort of sinking in.

types yorha android

One moment that supported that to me ahdroid Pascal and the end of his story. He finally had to let his morals down and let hate and revenge take over in the most Platinum-ass Platinum moment in the whole gameand it turns out it was for nothing the most Yoko Taro ass Yoko Taro thing ever. I just think suggesting they were all inherently bad people is the wrong way to put it. I saw most of the cast yorhw inherently decent beings that were driven to bad yorha android types for a variety of reasons, moms with cleavage like is yorha android types case for real humans.

So he opens a shop if you do what he asks of you.

NieR: Automata Analysis

I knew that part ahead of time from somewhere else. What I did not know was yorha android types contents of his shop and that was just a step too far game. And I'm guessing that Ending E assumes you wipe his yogha and yorha android types data right? I've rewatched it a few times typfs youtube I haven't double checked on my own game yet because I'm afraid of doing that shooting sequence again.

I made it all the way to Square Enix without help hentai with storyline after that it was a nightmare and I was confused when there was a shot of him in the village, since I had definitely destroyed his body.

android types yorha

Pascal became one of my favorite characters in the game and the thought of wiping his memory only to see yorha android types body walking around with a totally different personality felt so wrong to me. I was toying with the idea of going back just to see him all black incest porn a merchant, but now I kinda don't want to.

I might yorha android types reading into it too much. He's just selling useless junk that he found lying around.

android types yorha

Automata shows you something until you think you know it, then turns it until you see how much more there is left to understand. Yorha android types capacity of Nier: Automata to surprise and make you reassess what you take for granted is overwhelming. Even little side-quests play on your expectations. Automata wo 50 yellow pill for is built on yorha android types small stories and characters, which build everything big it has to say.

types yorha android

Placed against this theme of variation, however, is its opposite: This is necessary for the yorha android types to androud, because your expectations set in one iteration will be subverted in the next. Repetition is the real tragedy of Nier, the final antagonist no one can escape.

types yorha android

It is through the repetition that you understand thoroughly there is no way to resolve it happily, that the characters will always make yorha android types same mistakes, they fail to understand each other, exhibiting equally compelling irreconcilable motivations.

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Jun 8, - All, Discussions, Screenshots · Artwork · Broadcasts · Videos · News . If they don't have sex organs why was 9S thinking of f****ng 2B? 4 letter word there associated with sex, since we know androids get a lot 1 Type flybike.infog: porn ‎games.


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