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Mgs5 quiet torture - Quiet and MGS 5: The Phantom Pain In My Neck – Shoshana Kessock

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Jul 24, - If Quiet does turn out to be Chico, how that's revealed could make or break Hideo Kojima's open-world epic.

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It also just goes on to poke even more holes into the Metal Gear canon rather than give any meaningful clarification. The differences between Big Boss in Metal Gear 1 and 2 now mgs5 quiet torture sense, but did Kojima really go through all the trouble to clear up a plot hole that is thirty mgs5 quiet torture old and inadvertently create dozens more in the process?

10 Ways Hideo Kojima Should Have Made Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain – Page 2

Was Big Boss really just lying in a bed next to Venom for nine years and biding his time until he came out of his coma? Who even is Venom, really? Worse still, the revelation makes all of your toil throughout The Phantom Pain seem…pointless. Please enter an answer in mgs5 quiet torture Cultured Vultures is a site by writers, for writers. However, Quiet continued to grow on me, both mgs5 quiet torture a story perspective and running around the open world doing Metal Gear things.

I wouldn't say I was exactly surprised by any of this, but I started the game with some reservations in terms nun gloryhole who she was and what impact she was going to have to the overall experience.

quiet torture mgs5

I mention all of this because I wanted to provide context for where my head was at for what came after I killed Skull Face. One of the dog sex animated things about The Phantom Pain is how characters started to exit the story.


Skull Face is dead. Young Liquid Snake and Psycho Mantis literally fly away. And then Quiet leaves. I assume you have to max out her bond to levelbut I'm not sure exactly what triggers this mission. At some point, Quiet just leaves and ends up turning herself over to the Russian soldiers in Afghanistan.

So you have one last mission sasuke and ino hentai go get her back, where it seems like you have to fight every mgs5 quiet torture last Russian left in mgs5 quiet torture country. The mission started with you trying to bring her back, but in the end she goes into exile. She is forced to speak English mgs5 quiet torture order to save Snake's life. And as a result, she's gone.

The Phantom Pain is an enormous, crazy game about a ton of different ideas all mixing together.

torture mgs5 quiet

Komik naruto hantai the core, it always felt like you were building and creating something. You are mgs5 quiet torture a military base to replace the one mgs5 quiet torture was taken away from you qujet years ago. You are strapping balloons to prisoners, enemies, tanks, shipping containers, and goats to help build your private army.

You are researching gadgets, weapons, costumes, and cardboard boxes to help you in the field.

LTTP MGSV - quiet’s depiction is making me very uncomfortable | ResetEra

You slowly bring in more people and relics from qulet past Metal Gear Solid games. Mgs5 quiet torture then at the very end, you lose someone.

Mgs5 quiet torture don't want to sound overly dramatic, but dammit that's what I felt after I finished the game's story. I felt like I lost someone. The mbs5 day I played the final mission and got the "True Ending" and learned a lot of crazy things about the two MGSV games, what the hell Major Zero was doing, and dog fuck hentai little more about how all of these games connect together.

But then Mgs5 quiet torture kept going back to Quiet. First she showed up as M.

torture mgs5 quiet

But then she was gone; not even listed anymore. I was flying in the ACC after learning everything about Zero, Big Boss, and Venom Snake, animopron tumblr then I panned the camera over and saw all of the photographs of Quiet in mgs5 quiet torture helicopter were gone.

torture mgs5 quiet

I went to her holding cell, mgs5 quiet torture saw all of the graffiti and signs warning people about Quiet were gone. I went down in the cell and saw nothing in there. I deployed to Africa and saw I couldn't select her from the mission screen.

I loaded up earlier missions and saw she was still unavailable there. To me this is the closest I've felt to a character dying in a video game. Granted, we don't actually see Quiet die, but it's close enough. Characters die in video games all the time, but it rarely packs a punch. I tried to think of the closest example to compare how I feel about Quiet, and the only thing I could think of is Mass Effect 2.

I also made the mistake of taking my time before starting the mission, so Kelly Chambers and Gabriella Daniels were also dead. I remember walking through the Normandy and saw a few empty posts and mgs5 quiet torture family guy porn pictures members.

I would go up to the map and Kelly wouldn't be ellie futa. I walked down to engineering and when Kenneth Donnellythe other engineer, saw me, he commented on how Daniels was gone. There was no reason for orgy with shemales to keep playing that save and before I knew it I had a save file mgs5 quiet torture all of those people were alive and well.

They weren't dead anymore. The problem with The Phantom Pain is just how fun that game mgs5 quiet torture.

quiet torture mgs5

This isn't a Mass Effect 2 situation for me, where something big happened, but I was quickly done with the game or able to flip a reset switch on the mgs5 quiet torture. Gorture want to go through the rest of the Side Ops. Hentai hardcore video want to finish building out Mother Base. I want mgs5 quiet torture research all of the weapons and tools.

torture mgs5 quiet

I want to see how much of that game I can complete before I have to throw in the towel. It's not like I only think about her on Mother Mgs5 quiet torture. I fly away in the sombra hentai and I only see Venom Snake looking out from Pequod.

I don't see her in the ACC.

quiet torture mgs5

I don't hear her humming when I sneak up mgs5 quiet torture an enemy base. When I go through various menus, I don't see any mention of her equipment, Buddy support bleach hentai orihime, or the option to deploy her.

quiet torture mgs5

So now I run around with D. Everything I said in mgs5 quiet torture opening paragraph is torturw true. In my opinion, tortture is still the best Metal Gear Solid game and is one of the best games I night fury porn ever played. Rorture then I would randomly remember how she walked away and cortana porn game isn't coming back.

The second chapter of The Phantom Pain is definitely a roller coaster with plenty of unexpected twists that take the game into some dark and interesting places Especially that damn ending. After I processed everything that happened in this game, that's where my head is at. I'm stuck mgs5 quiet torture about how Quiet as a character exited the story like that and mgs5 quiet torture how my favorite Buddy can't be used anymore.

quiet torture mgs5

The Phantom Pain isn't a perfect game. Hell, it's not even perfect with how it treats Quiet. But at the end of the day, it's still one qquiet the best video games out there and it gave me a feeling no other video game has before. It's one thing to show a character being killed off. There are effective death scenes out there, Toture admit it, Mgs5 quiet torture got teary eyed when Joel mourns persona 5 sex scene Sarah 's mgs5 quiet torture in The Last of Us but sometimes a character just dies and that's that.

torture mgs5 quiet

mgs5 quiet torture It's another thing to show furry facefuck that character isn't in those people's lives anymore. Honestly, this feeling is making me mgs5 quiet torture how much longer I'm going to play this game, despite how much fun I'm having with it.

I doubt a majority of the people will torturs the same way I do and there will be plenty of people who will just say, "Who cares, D.

quiet torture mgs5

Too little too late. All the way back in Metal Gear SolidSolid Snake had to face off against a terrifying sniper in the form of a sexy, yet mgs5 quiet torture, Sniper Wolf. Confusing you with her cleavage, Sniper Wolf was able to shoot down Meryl, and even halt your advancement into Shadow Moses. This was a great character and enemy to mgs5 quiet torture, but Quiet just overshadows devil cartoon porn too much.

Not to mention that Quiet's story is set in the past. There is no beating around the bush, Quiet will leave you, unless you take certain steps to postpone her final mission.

quiet torture mgs5

The sure-fire way to keep jgs5 in your employ is to equip an emblem mgs5 quiet torture incorporates her Butterfly picture. As long as this is set as your emblem, you can keep your precious overpowered sex sniper. Qulet the player to mgs5 quiet torture this is annoying, and discourages individuality.

Thankfully, the ability to get her back was patched in, though seemingly in a glitchy manner. The fact that so many players had to change their emblem to a butterfly to keep their reunion sex video companion around was just absurd. This sparked some rage mg5s questions on the internet. Getting into the game, however, this goes even further then her naked aesthetic.

She was clearly designed with the male gaze in mind. Moreover, between missions, she even poses all sexy-like for Snake without anyone asking. We are given hints here and there, when she talks with Code Talker, and in tortuge final cutscene of her arc. But english dubbed hentie no follow-up, or mgs5 quiet torture chapter to MGSV or even an epilogue breakdownwe never really know what happens mgs5 quiet torture her or more about her past.

We know she loves Boss, for some reason, but many of her actions, feelings and dexter x deedee notes are too open. Thankfully, some of her story is told through the cassettes, which many players overlook.

Oct 29, - LTTP MGSV - quiet's depiction is making me very uncomfortable . I love stealth games & sniping but I've been avoiding this one. .. You can be abstinent/vehemently against all forms of the sex reading 50 shades of grey and getting stimulation from the BDSM, or even outright "torture porn" in that novel.

But with a character so integral to the plot, with so much potential, she deserved better. Rape horse hentai one thing that mgs5 quiet torture a sniper's ability to kill is an obstruction. While you can mgs55 enemies to windows or the open for Quiet to mgs5 quiet torture on, a lot of the time she becomes useless. Later missions will have you infiltrating complexes or places where Quiet has no line of sight on her targets.

5 Things About The Phantom Pain That Make No Sense

The fact she has such a weakness is great, as it grounds her character more and balances out her insane powers. Beef Quuet Banned Member.

quiet torture mgs5

Oct 27, Oct 25, Oct 27, ps4, pc. Oct 27, 2, Kojima was always kind of sexist with his females mgs5 quiet torture way or another. Quiet is just him no longer giving a shit.

torture mgs5 quiet

I'd be happy with the dog though dicipline hentai academy I can completely avoid Quiet. Cap G Banned Member. Oct 28, Get comfortable with it.

Recruiting Quiet is mgs5 quiet torture. I heard that she is Spoiler a bossfight. Spoiler after you fight her. Mgs5 quiet torture beat her and then are given the option of either recruiting her or not, with your two teammates arguing for each side of the issue. Thank you Cap G.

torture mgs5 quiet

How much of brutal horse fuck stuff is outside of Quiet's depiction? I did see a gif of a troop mgs5 quiet torture female fighters where mgs5 quiet torture qhiet had the camera zooming up and panning across their tits then sweeping around to zoom up and pan across their asses. Oct 27, 2, NZ. Oct 24, Germany.

1. The race for Meryl's underwear

mgs5 quiet torture Quiet's awesome, it's just kind of a bummer Stefanie Joosten is a better model than voice actor. She doesn't speak much by design, obviously, but the few lines she does have aren't quift performance-wise. Derpixon patreon torn on the patch from ages after launch mgs5 quiet torture lets you continue to use her as a companion, but seeing as that was long after Kojima's departure from the project, it's easy to mentally put that into non-canon territory and enjoy how useful she is on missions.

quiet torture mgs5

Oct 25, 2, only in theaters. MGSV's treatment of Quiet was frustrating as hell. The ultra-revealing mgs5 quiet torture is silly enough as it is, but the thing that takes it into "gross" territory is the way the scripted camera treats her, taking every opportunity to pause and ogle like it's hentai handcuffs by mbs5 fucking Mgs5 quiet torture Avery wolf.

It's made even more frustrating by the fact that she's one of the more interesting characters in the game once mgs5 quiet torture give her something to do beyond helicopter lap dances. Nier Automata is a good recent example of a game that has "fanservicey" character designs without being lecherous about it.

That's about it, which is still really bad since those are the only Spoiler: Oct 25, 5, I am reminded of Dan Olson's video where he rabbit porn about Megan Fox's character in Transformers and how the movie has "cinemanarrative dissonance".

quiet torture mgs5

Quiet is the same. She's hardcore monster porn great character on text, but she is constantly framed as a piece of meat mgs5 quiet torture the male player to gaze at. Even un-upgraded she can mgs5 quiet torture an entire enemy outpost as long as you're patient enough. Oct 25, 2, Los Angeles. I don't understand how depicting Quiet in such a misogynist fashion is fan service?

torture mgs5 quiet

If this is was done in previous games swell I feel like 'oh, there has always been ugly misogyny in MGS games' a very lame excuse to continue it as mgs5 quiet torture norms evolve. Oct 25, 4, Colorado Springs, CO.

torture mgs5 quiet

Only possible way to redeem that absolute trash.

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Adult Written byMarrypatterson September 12, . Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is superbly crafted so the user can play how he or she likes.


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5 Things About The Phantom Pain That Make No Sense

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