Rent Motorcycle or Tricycle Honda Gold Wing 1800, the most comfortable, powerful and really fast. Take a ride to Dubai’s modern fashionable districts and be sure you’ll attract everyone’s attention! Set up this great show full of dynamics and adrenalin!

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Motorcycle Honda Gold Wing 1800

All our motorcycles are customized. They have a powerful sound system and illumination options as well as entertainment system and even wireless "passenger-driver" connection. Undoubtedly your trip will be impressive and unusual, breathtaking and full of adrenalin, but completely comfortable at the same time.

Tricycle Honda Gold Wing 1800

A very unusual kind of transport with futuristic design. Its features and properties make your journey most comfortable, safe and surely unforgettable. You'll be impressed by the way it moves and its speed. Tricycle is a brand new unordinary transport which will draw people's eyes and make you the centre of attention.

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